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Announcement of Renaming Hicks Field 2 as Jeremy Goldman Field

By NWLL, 11/16/21, 8:15PM PST


One year ago, former Northwood Little League President Jeremy Goldman passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving behind his wife of 20 years and three kids. Our league was deeply saddened by his passing, as he had a huge impact not just on our league but also the larger Irvine community.

Jeremy belonged to the Jewish faith and there are few higher Jewish compliments to pay someone than to call them a mensch. A mensch is a person who can be relied on to act with honor and integrity, kind and considerate, and a sense of responsibility fused with compassion.  A mensch is someone to admire and emulate and whose legacy must be honored to serve as a role model for generations to come. Jeremy Goldman is a true mensch.

Over the past year and through the trials of COVID-19, the Northwood Little League Board has discussed how to appropriately honor a man who directly and indirectly impacted the lives of thousands of Irvine families through his involvement with NWLL.  

We are pleased to share that the first of our planned initiatives achieved a significant milestone last Tuesday. 

On November 9, 2021, Current President A. Dela Cusack, former Board Member Amanda Babiar, and the two prior NWLL Presidents, Ted Hsieh and Seth Grossman, stood before the City of Irvine City Council to request that Field #2 at Hicks Canyon Park be permanently renamed Jeremy Goldman Field.  Each spoke from their heart about Jeremy and what he meant to Northwood Little League.  Their words struck a chord and by a unanimous vote of 5-0, the City Council approved the motion.  

NWLL will now partner with the City of Irvine to create the appropriate signage, so that future generations of NWLL families will know the name and the story of this great man.  We look forward to sharing details about officially unveiling and dedicating the field soon.

Again, this is only the first step to honor Jeremy Goldman.  It is not an exaggeration to say that our league would look very different, and probably a lot smaller, if not for his presence.  He took our mission seriously and aimed to teach leadership and good citizenship above simply winning.  The league will soon announce plans to honor that spirit and keep it alive in those involved in Northwood Little League. 

In closing, we offer thanks to the City of Irvine for their support and to the Northwood Little League Board of Directors for their unwavering commitment. 

Our hearts and love extend to his children Braden, Dylan and Makena and the love of his life, Debra. We are eternally grateful to them that they shared their father and husband with us.