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NWLL Coronavirus FAQ

How Northwood Little League is Responding to the Coronavirus


Updated 03/18/2021

The Northwood board is actively monitoring guidance around the coronavirus from our local school districts, the city of Irvine, Little League International, and the CDC. The following frequently asked questions details our current response to the COVID-19 situation, and will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

What is the current state of the 2021 spring season?

Based on the current health guidance from the State of California, NWLL will be playing games during the 2021 spring season starting as early as 3/20. Scrimmages were allowed starting 2/26.

What steps is the league taking to ensure the safety of its players and volunteers?

Northwood Little League has approved Return to Play Guidelines that are available on our website, and has been reviewed by the City of Irvine to be compliant with the state guidance. It includes guidance around the use of shared equipment, sanitization, face coverings and modified practices to adhere to social distancing requirements. All participants must review and be familiar with the protocols. In addition, training sessions will be held for all volunteers and participants. 

When will games be allowed?

The State considers baseball to be an outdoor moderate contact sport and has assigned it the second lowest risk level for youth recreational activities. As a result, recently released guidance indicates baseball games can be played in Orange County while in the purple or red tier with an adjusted case rate equal to or less than 14 per 100,000, according to the state’s tiered system of COVID test positivity and case rate. Orange County reached that metric around 2/26/21. The link to the current state guidance can be found here.

What about the Challenger division?

Challenger games are currently allowed but with restrictions around the buddy program.

Will there be evaluations and a draft?

Evaluations are currently scheduled for February 6 and 7. They will be by assigned time slot only, and will be organized into evaluation groups of no more than 12 players at a time. We are planning as if games will be played, so our competitive divisions need to have balanced teams through a draft process. 

When will the season start?

In a normal season, practices for drafted divisions typically start the first week of February. The start of practices may be pushed back depending on how evaluations and the draft are determined. The league is aiming for upper division practices to start later in February, with lower division practices to start in the beginning of March. Games for all divisions will start by April 3.

When will the season end?

In a normal season, games end at the end of May. Depending on if and when games are allowed, the season could potentially be extended into June.

Did registration fees change for this season?

Yes, registration fees for most age groups were significantly reduced in order to make baseball available to as many players as possible, and with the recognition that games were uncertain. For the youngest age group, fees were raised slightly to better reflect our actual costs, and are still the least expensive for that age group among baseball leagues in our immediate area. Challenger fees were also reduced, and continue to be less than the actual cost of participation.

Is anything changing for the spring?

In conjunction with the reduced registration fees, the league had to cut expenses around uniforms. This season, players will no longer receive pants, belts or socks as part of their uniform. We had received feedback that the pants did not fit many older players well even after exchanges. In most cases, the amount of the fee reduction is greater than the league’s cost for those items. Players on the same team will still be required to wear pants that match in color. This policy is in line with most other Little Leagues in our district.

How do you determine the registration fees?

Spring is baseball’s primary season, and thus the fees need to cover both the league’s seasonal costs as well as the ongoing costs of running the league. In a normal season, registration fees cover the following expenses:

Seasonal Expenses

  • Uniforms
  • Pictures
  • Trophies/medals
  • Coaches shirts and caps
  • Equipment and balls
  • Little League International fees
  • District 55 fees
  • Insurance
  • Cost of background checks
  • Field access from the City of Irvine
  • Umpire service when necessary
  • Opening and Closing ceremonies

Ongoing Expenses

  • Storage unit rental
  • Website maintenance
  • Email list maintenance
  • Accounting costs
  • Tax filing costs
  • Marketing costs
  • Training costs

Will we get a refund if games are not played?

The spring season will be starting as a practice-only season and could possibly be practice-only for the duration of the spring. We will not be offering a partial refund in the unfortunate case that no games are able to be played. Most of the seasonal costs are allocated and spent once teams are formed and are non-refundable to the league. The league must also receive enough revenue this spring to offset its ongoing costs.

Will we get a refund if the season is canceled?

We aim to maintain as much flexibility as possible with regards to the start date of the season. If teams are formed and practices start, but the season is then canceled, we will not be offering a partial refund, due to the same reasons as above.

What is the refund policy?

Withdrawal requests before January 17, 2021 will be refunded the full registration fee. Withdrawal requests after January 17, 2021 will be refunded the registration fee minus $25 for administrative costs. For players in drafted divisions, no refunds will be issued after the last evaluation period. For players in lower divisions, no refunds will be issued after teams have been formed.

What will happen to Picture Day?

Picture Day will be modified to ensure only one team is on the field for pictures at any one time, and is currently planned for Saturday April 24, 2021.

What will happen to Angel Day?

There are no plans to have an Angel Day in 2021.

What will happen to OPENING Day?

Opening Day 2021 is still to be determined.