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Northwood Little League Boundary Map

Boundary Eligibility

In order to be eligible to play in Northwood Little League, you must live OR go to school within the COLOR boundaries for our league. If you have a home address within our boundaries but attend a private school, you are still considered eligible to play in our league, regardless of where the school is located. Similarly, if you live outside our boundaries, but attend one of the boundary schools listed below, you are considered eligible for Northwood Little League. 

More information about eligibility rules for divided homes or existing players who graduate to middle schools and high schools outside our boundaries can be found here and here.

Schools Within Boundaries

The following schools are within Northwood Little League's district boundaries. A player that attends any of the schools listed below  is eligible to participate in NWLL with regards to district eligibility.

  • Elementary schools - Brywood, Canyon View, College Park, Cypress Village, Greentree, Hicks Canyon, Myford, Northwood, Orchard Hills, Portola Springs, Santiago Hills, Stonegate, Woodbury, Beacon Park, Eastwood, Cadence Park, Loma Ridge
  • Middle schools - Jeffrey Trail, Sierra Vista, Orchard Hills, Beacon Park, Cadence Park
  • High schools - Irvine High, Northwood High, Beckman, Portola High, Crean Lutheran